For Hotels

New hotels would need to sign up and create an account on after which login credentials are sent to the email you provided when creating your account. Be sure to give a valid email address while creating your account so you can receive your login details in the mail.

What you get:

As a hotel, you're able to track bookings made by your guests and what dates a guest has booked a room for. As such you're better guided to inform guests who reach you on phone about available dates and rooms.

It is your own booking application: From your dashboard, you can book guests, both walk-in and call-in guests, into rooms they choose.

From Guest Bookings, you can track by dates, see guest details and get total amounts generated by the period.

What more? Your hotel manager can create more users(tellers) to book guests from their accounts or dashboards. 

For Guests

A guest typically would use the hotel finder on the homepage, telling what type or class of room s/he is looking for and then the guest clicks on a desired room on the results that appear, then to the details page where s/he can place the booking.

Please *note that cancellations and rescheduling is directed to and managed at the target hotel only.